October 31, 2017

Abort This

There is a lab fire. You have time to save only one, a child or petri dishes with fetuses. Choose one. The truth is that any compassionate person is going to save the living breathing little girl because she has attachments to family, feelings, fear which is the very cause of suffering but a fetus does not. And further more, our beliefs about when a fetus is a human being doesn't matter. Either we make a choice that causes suffering or we don't. Each person is responsible for their own actions and how they deal with the consequences of those actions.
The truth is that only the mother has a say in bringing a child to full term whether anyone likes it or not. Nothing you can do about it. No one can prove a miscarriage was intentional. It is the deliberate abortion that really gets under people's skin simply because they have no control. If a man wants a baby and the mother doesn't he can go to a lab or go find another woman to incubate his child. We are talking about living human beings, living WOMEN and young girls, verses a fetus that has not yet built a relationship with anyone. There is no reference for attachment in a fetus, which is the cause of suffering. Pain is learned. I am a mother and I had an abortion. It was my free will. I alone had to deal with my feelings about it and emotions not you or anyone else. It is not your place or anyone else's to tell me that I cannot terminate my pregnancy. No, "WE" are not pregnant. The woman is pregnant. No man or woman has the right to force their own consequences or punishment for terminating a pregnancy. That is between the woman and her maker.

Sane people would never end a pregnancy in the late stages in a way that would cause suffering to the unborn child. But even this is something no one can control. It doesn't matter if people think it is a sin or not. They need to worry about their own sins. It doesn't matter what percentage of women were raped but I can tell you, most women including me were and are raped by someone they know. Stand up for the living children being raped, beaten, starving right now. Worry about the women being raped and beaten instead of sticking your nose up a woman's vagina and telling her what she can or cannot do with the fetus. I say to opposer of abortion adopt all of the unwanted children then you can talk about adoption as an option. But try giving up a baby you nurtured and loved for nine months to a stranger not knowing how they will treat the child. Give up all of your rights to the child. Until you have walked in a woman's shoes and know what it is like to be pregnant in a world that holds women down, with a child she cannot afford to raise, was the product of rape, might kill you in child birth etc you have no say in the matter.

Until hypocrites start respecting all LIVING beings in this life they have ZERO say about an unborn child. Stop killing an torturing living creatures that actually do feel loss pain and suffering and then we can talk about the rules of when to abort a human child. But don't tell a woman she cannot abort a child and that if she does she will be punished. And don't think it is something women go around doing on a Saturday night because they feel like it. Maybe the way to end abortion is to make men store their sperm and then get sterilized. Maybe it's the man that is responsible for unwanted pregnancies that just cant seem to beat that evil vixen off of him and has no control of his penis and cannot afford condoms. Maybe stop keeping contraception from young poor women. Get to the root of the problem. Rapists can be liberated from the penises altogether.I can think of a lot of ways to lessen abortion but they are ways control freaks despise. This topic has never been about women doing evil things. What woman do you think wants to have an abortion? This is always about people wanting to control women and keep them in their place. And I am sorry but they are going to lose.

October 23, 2017

Break the Psycle

Keeping our energy in an even flow opens the doors to opportunity and we then choose which opportunities we prefer. Moving your energy in a way that is fractal (synergistic) and healing is the most important thing you can do in your life. If you find you are having toxic relationships it is because of YOUR ENERGY and YOUR CHOICES. Don't blame the world for life sucking. Blame yourself for sucking the life out of the world. It is all about the way you use your energy. I can write a book about this because I have learned a lot from my own mistakes and through observation of others. But far more people could benefit from these words simply by sharing them here.

Our stress comes from attachment ultimately, to that which we do not have whether it is a tic tac or money or peace of mind that no one will drop a bomb on them. It is that fear of not having what we need, fear of not being good enough, loved enough, smart enough, protected enough, not having our basic needs met that keeps us under constant stress. Because the world will NEVER EVER give us everything we want and it is fleeting and transient we must manage our emotions and mind and not the world. People manifest stress in many different ways. But the bottom line is that if we do not manage our stress and still our mind the mind begins to grasp and cause energy overloads which manifests as mental or physical imbalance and sickness. This leads to a vicious cycle of negative manifestations and more stress and more negative situations. It never ends until you STOP IT by controlling your energy and your thoughts. Until you get this you will NEVER be ok. You will continue to create chaos in the world. This goes for every single one of us. This is what happens when we do not have a grip on our thoughts and energy and allow ourselves to be ruled by toxic emotions that arise from fear and longing.

We impose our energy on other sentient beings. Our frail little Ego wants recognition, reward, attention, comfort, credit, praise, assurance, status, wealth, control over others, fame, importance. Because he cannot always get what he wants he throws temper tantrums, lashes out at others, is vengeful and destructive. This fear imbalances the major energy centers of our BEING from our cells to our beliefs, from our sexual energy center to our higher brain functions. Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Vengeance, Jealousy and Pride. We become despicable people simply because we are not disciplined enough to manage our own thoughts and emotions. To be truly HUMAN is to be a master at managing these things. We are not bound to our lower animal nature. We bridge heaven and hell. There is no excuse for our laziness and lack of physical and mental discipline. There are millions of reasons why we are stressed, angry, rude and impatient but no excuse. If you want less stress in your life, stop stressing. Because the problems will never go away. But your manifestations will become more healing as a reflection of your own healing within. This is a promise.

May 8, 2017

Thinking Inside the Bubble

"When one bubble meets with another, the resulting union is always one of total sharing and compromise (Human beings could learn a lot from bubbles.) Since bubbles always try to minimize surface area two bubbles will merge to share a common wall. If the bubbles are the same size as the bubbles to the left, this wall will be flat. If the bubbles are different sized, the smaller bubble, which always has a higher internal pressure, will bulge into the larger bubble." exploratorium.edu

The flat plane between two bubbles can be a home for living organisms. And if you were two spin two bubbles a portal would open in the center of the flat plane bridging the two and causing a toroidal spinning magnetic field around the flat plane in the center. Interesting yes? If you were standing upon the surface of the flat plane you would see luminescent orbs all around you fixed in the sky membrane yet floating by as they revolved around you. On the other side of the flat plane would be another world. And these bubbles could be infinite. Just think about that for a minute.