May 8, 2017

Thinking Inside the Bubble

"When one bubble meets with another, the resulting union is always one of total sharing and compromise (Human beings could learn a lot from bubbles.) Since bubbles always try to minimize surface area two bubbles will merge to share a common wall. If the bubbles are the same size as the bubbles to the left, this wall will be flat. If the bubbles are different sized, the smaller bubble, which always has a higher internal pressure, will bulge into the larger bubble."

The flat plane between two bubbles can be a home for living organisms. And if you were two spin two bubbles a portal would open in the center of the flat plane bridging the two and causing a toroidal spinning magnetic field around the flat plane in the center. Interesting yes? If you were standing upon the surface of the flat plane you would see luminescent orbs all around you fixed in the sky membrane yet floating by as they revolved around you. On the other side of the flat plane would be another world. And these bubbles could be infinite. Just think about that for a minute.

April 13, 2017

Judge Thyself

Anywhere in the world people will be drawn to militant groups and elitist groups if they are inclined. They can call themselves Muslim or Christian or anything else. These are simply titles people take under the presumption that a title sums up their beliefs and practices. They do not. If people truly condoned everything in the bible or quran they would have to admit that they condone in animal sacrifice, oppression of woman, slavery, killing of innocent men, women and children to serve a military agenda and much more that would be considered immoral and wrong. They would have to support contradictions that riddle the scriptures. That is why it is dangerous to label and stereotype someone by their affiliation with an organization. Although Christians believe in and worship a God that kills, punishes, condones slavery etc, I should not presume that all Christians subscribe to those archaic practices. There are people that use those archaic violent practices to justify their own violence and control issues. The same applies to Islamic faith. Either a person is passive and practices love and compassion or they do not. A Buddhist does not always practice non violence. Zen Buddhism is being aware of the truth that what is, is. And how we feel about it is separate. Compassion is stressed because it FEELS better than the alternative. There is no punishment other than cause and effect and our own attachment to things which causes suffering.

We tend to categorize and label to navigate the world more easily but the world is not that simple. It is messy and chaotic. Order is something the EGO desires and also nature finds balance through order. But the mind's idea of order and nature's are very different. We have to learn to let go of EGO grasping and controlling. BE an example of LIFE and LOVE and that will shape your world without your EGO's input.

April 6, 2017

Why Would Anyone Do That?

The flat disc model of the earth has made an enormous comeback over the past few years. After researching it myself I found that no one has ever proven the globe model. It is all based upon theories supported by theories. The math fits the theory because math explains the theory but it does not prove the theory. For example one might say the earth is tilted on its axis 23 degrees to explain the seasons. They have no proof but they base the rest of their theory on that calculation when that calculation has never been proven. The Precession of the Equinox does not prove the earth is a sphere because the sky could be astral light spinning. It makes just as much sense in terms of physics. But they calculate that the earth's precession takes 26,000 years bears no real proof. It is projections based upon hearsay. In order to prove that the precession is a true cycle of that duration, one would have to observe it for 52,0000 years. Extrapolations of numbers are estimates, not proof.

But what I find fascinating is motive. Why would anyone try to hide this knowledge of the earth being an enclosure rather than a sphere floating in space? I have to put myself in the position of a control freak to understand it. And when I do I see that it makes perfect sense. If I wanted absolute control of the world I would convince humans that they were free but also that they were dependent upon me at the same time. That is how you keep your sheep in line. If they are frightened or abused they will bolt. You have to make the animal believe it is better off with you than without. And this is how they domesticated animals all around the world. They are fed, given water but all so that they can be controlled. People even control their dogs this way if they are smart. Kicking your dog and screaming at it will not get you anywhere. Animals on a reserve don't know they are not really free. The purpose does not have to necessarily be for some secret plan to alter our DNA or eat our brains. It could simply be that they like control. After all that is what human love so much. Are we made in the image of our Father or not? If we are then our creator has anger management issues and control issues. Our higher authority is within our ability to put the ego behind us not some being in the clouds or on earth telling us how to behave. If we do not choose to behave then we will not.

The flat earth theory supports the idea that a creator being put us here in this terrarium enclosure for whatever reason and that one day when we learn how to behave he will set us free. We are in training. But I disagree. We cannot all learn at the same time. People are born every day that have to go through the same lessons to learn about their higher thinking and self discipline. If we reincarnate then we do so with our memories wiped. What good is that? So if this was God's plan it sucks. The only way out of this is to not reincarnate and in this life here and now wake the hell up and realize that we are experiencing a dominated illusory material world. The way out is through death of the physical body but there is a catch. Don't go run off and kill yourself. PLEASE!! Before we go we have to become masters of consciousness. We must awaken and practice diligently letting go of attachment to this world, people, things and to FEEL compassion for others. There are humans and perhaps these other beings watching us that cannot feel compassion. Compassion is the key to sovereign consciousness. It IS LIFE. Artificial life is an oxymoron. Their artificial technologies are the reason for their loss of compassion and the need to interfere with nature and genetic engineering.

A flat earth model has an inner kingdom beneath, through the northern opening where there is a black hole sun. This is what generates reality even according to scientists that say a black hole holds information on the surface and projects it out holographically as reality. Interesting correlation with the yin yang symbol and the Vedic cosmological model of our universe. Could it be that our dreams and experiences are captured and projected back at us like a mirror ball? As above so below. And this particular page in our story is where we wake up and remember that we arose from the serpent or waves of light that became self aware and multiplied becoming the multitudes. We must remember that we are only occupying a small fraction of infinite creation and that this is a dream within a dream. It is ground hog day every day until we finally let go of the need to control the external aspect of our dream. Why would anyone do that? We are the dreamers. We are the master navigators of reality. The lesson to all beings stuck in a cycle of birth and rebirth into a nightmarish reality is if you want to control something control yourself.

We Are Reptilian

If you think you don't have any reptilian in you why do you think you have a "Reptilian Brain". People laugh when you say the Reptilians used to rule the earth but Dinosaur means Giant Reptile. People laugh when you say dragons were real but when scientists say there were Pterodactyls which are giant lizards that fly they are like oh yeah cool.

People think it is stupid to say it is possible the dinosaurs became intelligent and able to change their appearance and yet that is exactly what lizards do. In fact scientists say dinosaurs were much more intelligent than they thought. If you think it is crazy to say we are the descendants of Reptilians, think again. Mammals came from somewhere didn't they? Japanese scientists discovered Dinocephalosaurus a water dino gave life birth. We are more closely related to dolphins than apes according to main stream scientists.
We tend to think we are so advanced and more special than other animals. That is the lower ego or Reptilian self preservation brain talking. We simply are what we are. And we have been brainwashed beyond belief to ignore anything that sounds slightly odd compared to our accepted program of thinking.

Truth is way crazier than alt reality. Next time you do something that is not compassionate and you are not using your higher thinking remember the saying "Get thee behind me satan". It sounds a little wacky religious but it means put your ego behind you. Your higher authentic self has the authority over your lower animal nature. This is a simple message. It has little to do with your beliefs or opinions about who created the world. And it is the difference between living in contentment or suffering as a human.

March 28, 2017

"Flattards" Just Won't Be Silenced

This is why these so called, "Flattards" believe in the Geocentric Model as accurate or at least just as likely as the Heliocentric Model. You might think you are really smart but the fact is no one has every been able to PROVE the earth is a sphere. That is why "Flattards" refuse to be silenced. If you can waste your time watching brainwashing t.v. or arguing about politics you can spend a few minutes learning about the real reason the controllers are making your life HELL. If you believe the bible reveals the true nature of our reality you cannot deny this without being a hypocrite. If you are an atheist you cannot ignore the physics. There is a reason why we are being lied to. You cannot control someone if they KNOW they have open access to other planes of existence. If you believe you are a helpless creature on an isolated sphere in the vastness of space you are more likely to believe you must depend upon technologies, space ships and a leader that is smarter than you to protect you. If you believe you have to travel in a ship to get to another planet it is because they made you forget your innate abilities to travel anywhere you want with your consciousness and physically through natural portals. There is a natural paradigm where you are sovereign and an artificial paradigm where you are deluded and controlled. That is what this is really about. 

Some Flat Earthers use this revelation to prove there is a loving God that created this world for us. I disagree. I believe it is possible that this world was created by the Demiurge as Jesus also believed according to Nag Hammadi scriptures, to keep us in a zoo for amusement. And when we became more enlightened this advanced being needed to make us believe we were free but trapped on a speck in space, dependent upon his technologies to survive. He hid our innate abilities from us. He made us believe we were nothing without him. If people new they lived in an enclosed prison but were able to experience any reality they wanted with their consciousness and travel through natural portals to other worlds, they would not be dependent upon the rulers and their technologies. That is why the truth about our world has been hidden from us for thousands of years. Every time humans gain wisdom and self empowerment over the centuries there is global cataclysm. We must be managed. Right? The world must be a finite sphere without anyone realizing they are a prisoner. The illusion of freedom has kept us compliant and in order. The upper echelons of the elite know all of this. And there is so much more to this that it will melt your brain.

March 8, 2017

Pythagoras Proved the Earth Was a Plane

If you were shown two viewpoints, one correct and one a fallacy, the best way to know which is which is to investigate for yourself. But most people will not because of social programming and EGO. This research began as a casual amusement. Now this shit has gotten VERY REAL because while trying to disprove the Flat Earth Plane Theory I discovered that I was inadvertently disproving the globe model at every turn with solid evidence. I find the Globe Earth Theorists (not proven) are using made up theories and twisting evidence to validate their theory rather than coming up with a theory that supports the solid observable evidence. That is classic inversion tactics. Some people stopped communicating with me because of this. Don't care. I am telling you that something is VERY WRONG with the model of the world we are force fed. Proof is in your face if you will just open your eyes. Or go back to sleep. Either way. This is one of the most comprehensive videos I have come across yet to explain what should be very obvious. It's not a sphere. And it is not a donut oblate spheroid. There is a scientific geometric explanation for what appears to be a flat earth plane stretching much farther than currently accepted as the size of the earth. How it works and why it is being kept a secret will blow your mind. IF you are interested in the truth.

March 7, 2017

The Polaris Anomaly-Stump a Flat Earther

     I have spent a good bit of time researching the Flat Earth Disc Theorists not because I "know" it is true but because I could not seem to stump it's supporters. In fact the deeper I researched the easier it became to stump Globe Earth Theorists. Remember Globe Earth is a Theory first of all. It is not never been proven. Photos of earth from space with a wide angle lens showing an arc are not proof unless we accept that photos of Bigfoot are proof. It proves the earth is a flat disc, that's all. So I am posting all of the failed attempts to put an end to this Flat Earth Debate which have turned out to in fact prove that the earth is not a spinning ball flying through space at all. I do not need fancy physics to explain this. It is just common sense observation. Please feel free to show me how stupid I am for not clearly seeing how wrong I am.

The Polaris Anomaly

According to scientists, the earth does not change it's axis. It moves around the sun so that the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun in winter and tilted toward the sun in summer. But somehow sailors have used Polaris to navigate the oceans for centuries all year long (billions of tons of oceans magically held to slope by gravity when it cannot hold water to the slope of a beach).  That is amazing. The reason Polaris seems to disappear below the horizon in the southern hemisphere is said to be because of the slope of earth but in fact an object appears to sink as it moves out of our view. This is also what the sun is doing according to the FE model. Before you rage on about how stupid this is you should research the theory yourself. There is an enormous amount to learn. And it is all perfectly scientific and logical. You just have to undo the programming that makes you feel stupid for asking questions about things that make NO sense. And I am telling you that there are plenty of things about the Globe Earth that make NO sense. Words are made up and wild theories are made up to fit the theory they want you to believe. Why? That is another story. Stay tuned. 

March 1, 2017

Carl Sagan Was a Tool- No One Has Proven the Globe Theory

When I have somehow become smarter than Carl Sagan there is something very, very wrong in the world. This is very disturbing to me as someone that used to watch Carl every week in amazement of the billions and billions of stars in the cosmos.

My latest task has been to prove the flat earth theory is wrong. I can't. Some of the most brilliant people on this PLANE are coming forward to reveal the true nature of our reality. If scientists can only scoff and condescend with their theories intended as evidence to support the globe theory then I am forced to continue this quest to find the truth. The contradictions and nonsense put forth as serious proof is laughable and sickening at the same time. I am not even a scientist. I just use common sense and intuition and my intuition is telling me that I have been fed lies in the name of absolute domination. This video is just the first of many to come as I jump on board the Flat Disc Earth Train or Vedic Cosmological Model of the universe. You will see that the Vedic model is in fact extremely comprehensive and not the ramblings of simple minds with religious programming. This is real science that explains implosion physics which is how all things are made from galaxies to "planets".

In this video I take on Carl Sagan that pretends to prove the earth is a sphere with a map, two obelisks and a condescending tone asking "Why would anyone lie about something as trivial as this?" all in the glory of the Erotosthenes, supposedly the father of the Globe Model. Why would you even ask that Carl? Why do you think we think he was lying? I can tell you why people would lie about this. Because a handful of people rule this world and have been diligently working toward control of the entire plane for thousands of years. To keep the sheeple believing they are isolated on a ball in the vastness of space rather than in an enclosed part of an infinite plane is how I would do that. If people have no clue at this late date that humanity is in fact enslaved I fear there is no hope for them. I may not be able to prove the earth is a flat disc inside of a toroidal field that is part of endless realms of creation but I will do my best to show others that there is in fact NO PROOF that the earth is a globe. And I will reveal as much as possible of the lies and deception going on to keep the masses enslaved and ignorant of the true nature of reality. If you are aware of your own innate abilities and potential you cannot be controlled. That is what motivates deceivers; keeping you ignorant of your true power for absolute domination.

January 25, 2017

Who's Your Daddy Now?

Is it wrong to question authority?
Do we need other humans as authoritarians over humanity?
Are you afraid of freedom?
Do you feel the need to control others?
Do you fear death and suffering?

If you answered yes to these questions you have been brainwashed buy control freaks or you are one. Being master of one's own consciousness is not the same as being a control freak; seeking to control others is.

Our higher authority is accessed THROUGH the individual and not through another person. That higher authority is our own inner voice. And we either choose to listen to the fear driven little ego or the liberated, sovereign, fearless and compassionate MASTER EGO. Ego just means I AM CONSCIOUS. That is all. Any GOD that punishes, rewards or intends to harm for some higher reason is not the highest authority. How do I know this? Because no matter what some external "god" does I always have the power to remain at peace or to collapse in fear. I have the power to choose suffering or to choose contentment even through pain and horrors of the world. I have the choice to take and harm or to give and heal. Compassion is always there waiting for us to tap into it. But we cannot do that as long as we blame and praise external authority for everything that happens in our world. The Father of Jesus's teachings was this higher authority, not a man, or the church or some alien in the sky. The Father is your own higher consciousness. And the mother is the potential energy of creation. Both of which exist outside of the veil of material matter and WITHIN the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that permeates all LIVING things. Not artificial things. Not mental chatter. LIVING THINGS.

Who's your daddy now?